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Question: My question is what advice would you give this 46 year old man as far as getting
signed to a major label. How much "Age" is the factor in this regard for any one
interested in this business. Thank You Sirs .... Steven Patrick
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Nuri Amir's response:
Age is a major factor. Most A & R people at Majors are not going to sign anyone in their 30's, much less their 40's unless there's an incredible buzz surrounding that artist. My suggestion would be gather your coins, find some seasoned songwriting and studio vets, go in the studio produce your own material and start marketing yourself. Find your own niche, at least you'll be doing what you love and hopefully making some money at it. I don't think it's realistic to try and get signed at 46 without a huge independent hit. Most talented young people are never gonna get signed, at 46 it's virtually impossible. I'm sorry Steven, but I'd rather tell you the truth than lie to you, and watch you waste your time chasing something that isn't there.

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