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Question: If I wrote songs with someone and then parted ways and the songs are
copyrighted, should I have to sign a release form If he asks? He hired a bunch
of musicians to play on the songs and paid them a fee. Since I am the co-writer,
is there any reason I would want to sign a 'release form' if he asks me
to? Hope that makes sense
Answer by

2GEARed uP Productions's response:
I don't really understand the release form unless your friend is wanting you to give up your rights to the song. You would need to ask an attorney about this sort of thing. If you own even 1/2 of a copyright song, you are entitled to 1/2 of the earnings no matter if the other person is hiring others to sing the song. If it makes money you are still the co-writer and co-owener. If you sign a release you are giving up ownership it would seem. Without seeing the release form, we can only speculate. Still seek professional advise from an attorney before you give away the bank.

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