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Question: My question is what advice would you give this 46 year old man as far as getting
signed to a major label. How much "Age" is the factor in this regard for any one
interested in this business. Thank You Sirs .... Steven Patrick
Answer by

2GEARed uP Productions's response:
Major Labels are geared for youth. I tell you this from experience. Don't be down hearted because you can do it yourself. Become an Indie. Corporate American doen't hire you after 45, why? Simple, the hidden truth is because of age discrimination. Age is a big factor in entertainment more so than anywhere else. You can still gain work in entertainment if you are good and have some exceptional skills, but you will need to market yourself or find a local management firm that can promote you. Why is a major label so important? They have the money to get you to your destination much quicker. Record Labels want youth. I read the Demographics done for the Media. They only rank ages up to 54 - which means that no one after that age counts in their eyes. I find that very discriminating and insulting. I feel that Life starts again at 50. Go Indie, it is the easy way to go. You can sell your tunes as easy as anyone else. You may find a not so big producer willing to take a chance if you have real exceptional talent.

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